The Parking Situation

Parking will continue to be impacted during construction. Some parking lots will be temporarily closed and will reopen later. After construction, we will have more parking spaces than before.


This situation is temporary, and a normal part of construction. We know this is disruptive and we have created this online resource to help you find parking during construction. 


To avoid dealing with traffic or parking, consider taking the Coaster, Surfliner, Sprinter, Uber or Lyft to downtown and the beach. 


Where to Park Now


The large 4 story parking garage on Cleveland Street by the Transit station will remain open during and after construction. There are 450 spaces there, and we encourage you to check all 4 levels for open spaces. The top level is often empty. This parking is free to use, for unlimited time during the day. 

In addition, there are 4 smaller parking lots in downtown, 9 by the pier and beach, and 15 by the harbor. Plus, there is a lot of street parking, both free and paid. Make sure to check if there are limits on how long you can park in each area. 

Avoid the Car - Use Other Transport

Travel by Train and Bus


The Oceanside Transit Center is located in downtown Oceanside and offers a variety of daily rail and bus services to and from Oceanside, CA.

Service is provided by AMTRAK, Metrolink and the North County Transit District.

Roll on through by Bike 


There are many bike paths in and around Oceanside. You can also take your bike on the trains. You can also rent them in Oceanside for the day.



Lyft, Uber or taxi makes for an easy drop off and pick up. Carpooling too can save on parking. 

What's Happening with Construction? 

Construction is continuing in downtown Oceanside and it will be completed in phases over the next few years.