Construction Updates in Downtown Oceanside

  • Construction has begun in downtown Oceanside and it will continue in phases over the next few years. 

  • Vital upgrades will be made to storm drains, water lines, and sewer mains. This is to ensure the safety of these systems and that there are enough resources for the community. This is part of routine maintenance that every City must do from time to time. 

  • Parking will continue to be impacted during construction. Some parking lots will be temporarily closed and will reopen later. After construction, we will have more parking spaces than before.

  • This situation is temporary, and a normal part of construction. We know this is disruptive and we have created an online resource to help you find parking during construction. 

You can keep up to date on construction, find parking and support local businesses right here on this website.

It will be updated every month, and more often for major updates.

The large 4 story parking garage on Cleveland Street by the Transit station will remain open during and after construction. There are 450 spaces there, and we encourage you to check all 4 levels for open spaces. The top level is often empty. This parking is free to use, for unlimited time during the day. 


In addition, there are 4 smaller parking lots in downtown, 9 by the pier and beach, and 15 by the harbor. Plus, there is a lot of street parking, both free and paid. Make sure to check if there are limits on how long you can park there. 


To avoid dealing with traffic or parking, you can always take the Coaster and Surfliner to downtown and the beach. 

Parking Information

Construction Timeline

When we know updates, they will be posted here. 

We will update this website every month, or more if needed. 

For the most up to date information, sign up for our Construction Updates emails or text messages. 

Special Events Affected

Due to downtown construction and future closure of Mission Avenue, there will be a moratorium on any NEW events at the beach or the Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater.


All Annual Events with one or more of the items listed below are considered Large Scale Events and will be moved to alternative locations, postponed, or canceled.

  1. Events with over 500 people at any one time

  2. Events requiring use of Pacific Street as part of the event venue

  3. Events requiring the use of adjacent parking Lot #30

  4. Events requiring a Traffic Control Plan

  5. Events where the pier is part of the event venue

  6. Events that use the Pier Amphitheater and Beach Recreation Center at the same time


The Special Events division is currently evaluating every event at the Pier Amphitheater and is in the process of contacting all event organizers affected by the moratorium. 


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GF Properties 5 Block Plan Rendering
Pierside Apartments South square
Parking Structure square
Pierside Apartments North square
610-612 Mission Avenue square
Beach Resort Project square
Pierside Apartments North Photo